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Here comes the beauty

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Tang Xin was very serious and said, "What are you begging for?"? The other two in Sister Fang's group are Brother yuan and Brother Wuchen, and you can't win them. Even if Sister Fang admits defeat, you will still lose in the end. Isn't it unnecessary for you to ask me to intercede with Sister Fang? …… Chi Jun several people suddenly silent. Well, twelve little, there's a little bit of truth in what you say! But if it makes sense, if you hit us like this, we still have to fix you. Tang Xin was surrounded by several people, and his white and tender little face was pinched mercilessly. Si Shaocheng opened his mouth gently: "If we meet the group of girls above, I will be her opponent." Chi Jun was stupefied and stopped the hand that was ravaging Tang Xin's face: "Shaocheng, you are the strongest one among us. Should you choose yuan Chuyi or Wuchen as your opponent?" Si Shaocheng shook his head: "I choose Miss Fang as my opponent. As for the original Chu Yi and Wuchen..." Si Shaocheng patted Chi Jun on the shoulder. "The two of them are yours. You choose one as your opponent.". In fact, if you fight, you may still have a chance to win. Chi Jun sighed: "Shaocheng, your hope for me is really too big, I have a lot of pressure.". I'll take back what I said before. Miss Fang will give it to me. You'd better choose one of the two opponents from the original Chuyi and Wuchen, so that our group will have a chance to win. Si Shaocheng looked at Chi Jun: "After watching today's game, do you really think you will have a chance to win over Miss Fang?" Chi Jun was at a loss for words. In today's game, although Fang Xiaojing still used some tricks and despicable means,socket screw plug, the accuracy of her calculation was amazing. Shield and broadsword landing position, she forced Yan Junlin to retreat the route. "We always thought she would be the weakest one in the group of Chuyi and Wuchen." Si Shaocheng shook his head. "But in fact, her martial arts are not much worse than those of yuan Chuyi or Wuchen. It's the same to choose any one of the three of them as an opponent.". I choose Miss Fang to be my opponent. If I can't win her, our group will admit defeat directly. Chi Jun nodded: "This is the only way.". ” Xia Mufeng sighed: "Tsing Yi, no wonder the original Shangguan Huaiyuan has never lost a competition, Xiaojing calculates everything very accurately." Even I can't catch up with such a skill. Uh In fact,alloy die casting, it's not just me, the original Chuyi and Wuchen can't catch up with her either. Xia Mufeng sighed heavily again: "Tsing Yi, why didn't I notice Shangguan Huaiyuan earlier?"? How can I think Shangguan Huaiyuan is so boring? If only I could have noticed Shangguan Huaiyuan early and found something interesting about Shangguan Huaiyuan. I will be very interested in this person, will find a way to see Shangguan Huaiyuan, in that case, I will be able to meet Xiaojing earlier than the original Chuyi and Wuchen. In that case, the original Chuyi and Wuchen will not have the opportunity to be so intimate with Xiaojing, and the opportunity to be involved by Xiaojing is only mine. Tsing Yi looked at Xia Mufeng and said cautiously, "Actually, I don't think you are any worse than the original Shaoxia and Master Wuchen.." "Really?" "It's absolutely true!" Tsing Yi nodded desperately, "Landlord, if you also like Sister Fang, why don't you go to fight with the original Shaoxia and Master Wuchen.." "How?" Xia Mufeng sighed sadly, metal stamping parts ,non standard fasteners, "Tsing Yi, don't tell me you didn't find that Xiaojing's eyes on the original Chu Yi and Wuchen were completely different from those on me.." “……” Tsing Yi scratched his head, "Landlord, although the way Sister Fang looks at you is exactly the same as the way she looks at me, but don't be too discouraged, maybe you will have a little chance.." "You also said'maybe there will be a little chance ', maybe there will be another chance, and finally it's just a little chance.." Xia Mufeng sighed, "this hope is really too slim." Tsing Yi said deeply, "Hope is better than nothing.." "Tsing Yi, actually you don't think much of me, do you?" Tsing Yi looked up at the sky, looked around and said to him: "Landlord, today's weather is really good..." "Sure enough." Xia Mufeng also looked up at the sky, "Tsing Yi, when you go back, you will be punished for chopping firewood for a month." Tsing Yi burst into tears. "Why?" Xia Mufeng sighed faintly: "Because I am in a bad mood." Landlord, if you are in a bad mood, why should you punish me for chopping firewood. Tsing Yi almost wanted to burst into tears. Xia Mufeng turned and walked slowly outside the competition field. Tsing Yi quickly pulled him: "Landlord, where are you going?" Xia Mufeng looked melancholy and said, "I'm going to get some wine to drink.". Not to say a drunk solution to a thousand worries, maybe drink a little wine my mood will be a little better. Tsing Yi is urgent immediately: "Building Lord, you do not go first, your this group still has a match in the afternoon.". Now the opponent has become more and more powerful, if you run yourself, your group is likely to lose the game. "What kind of world is this." Xia Mufeng looked at the sky and sighed, "he didn't even give me the chance to drink to drown my sorrows." Tsing Yi sighed: "Landlord, in fact, it is more worrying to drink to drown your sorrows.". Sometimes it's better to be brave and face the reality. "Tsing Yi, when you get back, you'll be punished for carrying water for two more months." Tsing Yi burst into tears. Landlord, you are completely venting your anger. yuan Chuyi said to Fang Xiaojing, "Xiaojing, our game today is over. Let's go to see my grandfather now." Fang Xiaojing immediately nodded: "Let's go. I want to tell Xiaoxi that I have helped her clean up Yan Junlin.." yuan Chuyi, Wuchen, Fang Xiaojing, Jiang Mingyue and Mo Xiaomi were about to leave the competition field, but Yu Heng, who was catching up with them in a hurry, stopped them. Guys,DIN screw plug, you're going to see the old-timers now. If so, would you please take me and my disciples with you? I'm going to take him to accompany that little girl. "No." Fang Xiaojing waved his hand magnanimously, "My sister is not a narrow-minded person." 。

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