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The fire girl of online games

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 Half an hour ago: "Seven stars is too dark, a ticket is less than 5 gold coins, get here actually doubled ten times." "Man,Magnetic Drain Plug, be contented. Some of them are not bad. You didn't buy a ticket before." "I don't know who is so wicked. Isn't this scalping?" "Who else? Where you buy it is where you make trouble." "That is, the seven stars said well, commissioned auction does not charge fees, the original is to do such a business, not so good." Diewuya listened to these words of the players, there is no way, alas,die casting parts, this is to let people put together and still give people money. Change seven stars is very calm, "butterfly, take out 50 thousand gold coins from the gang, buy these 5000 tickets for me.". Divide 2000 pieces to let the brothers in the sect open their eyes, say, say that this is funded by the gang to let them watch and learn. All the rest are sold in underground casinos for 5 gold coins. "Yes, that would cost us a lot." Butterfly Wuya said in a low voice. Fifty thousand gold coins? I don't care. I just want to know whose idea it was. A thousand waves, there is no such business mind, but that is called Mu Yu is very suspicious, you send someone to pay attention to it. "Come on, let's take a look at this earth-shaking World War I. Fire Girl, it's really hot." Then the seven stars took the tickets in their hands and went out. Volume 2 The Last Battle of 106 (Part Two) "The Guardian of Satan!" "Mana increase!" "Dazzled!" "Holy disregard!" "Soul possession!" "Pray!" "Dark Armor!" "The Five Elements Attack!"! Fire! Dark energy! Broken! Almost the same opening as last time, after two strong skills, the two fought together again, CNC machining parts ,die cast light housing, this time, the fire woman directly used the ghost footwork, seeking opportunities in the dodge. The first master of the tiger wind, the sound of footsteps has never been broken, every fist and every sword with the wind, the tiger king's common forehead power let him play incisively and vividly, the fire girl had to avoid its edge. On the other side, it is to compete with it with dexterity, the red fire girl, like a red butterfly dancing, really should be the name of the tournament, the popular hero dance tournament, there are heroes, there are dazzling dances. "Open!" "Broken!" The fire girl kicked the side of the tiger king's sword, somersaulted backwards, and half crouched on the ground. Come and fight me to the death. I'm sorry, I'm not interested in playing with you yet. Come out, exorcise the four guards! After shouting, the situation on the competition field once again made the audience exclaim that there were already three people and three monsters in the competition field, and now there were three more people, but also three people with full body armor. The fire girl summoned five helpers at once,metal stamping parts, which made everyone feel terrible. Look at the appearance of the four people behind, coincidentally thought of some BOSS. My God, these four guys are level 25. Cried the player with the recon. That girl is also level 30. 。

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