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How to Increase Storage Space at Home?

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Except for Villas or Those Large Flats with More Than 200 Square Meters, I Feel That Other Small Spaces Will Always Feel That There is Not Enough Storage Space. Because We Will Gradually Increase the Number of Items over Time, and the Limited Space Will Decrease. They All Regret Why They Didn't Make More Cabinets when They Were Renovated, and Why They Didn't Make Use of Some Space.
It is Unrealistic to Re-decorate the Design, So What Are Some Good Ways to Increase the Storage Space in the Home?
Mainly from the Following Places to Increase Storage Space
1. Entrance Hallway
The Entrance Hall Should Have a Shoe Cabinet As Large As Possible. the Shoe Cabinet is Mainly Used to Store Frequently Worn Shoes. It is Convenient to Change Shoes when Going Out. There Should Be More Movable Partitions in the Cabinet. This Can Increase the Space, if There is a Partition, It Can Increase the Space by 2 Times
2. Kitchen
The Kitchen is to Use the Space to Fill the Cabinets As Much As Possible. the Top Cabinets Can Be Used to Place Lighter Items, and the Bottoms Can Be Made As Many Drawers and Cabinets As Possible to Store More Things. You Can Choose Some Kitchen Storage Boxes to Store Kitchen Utensils. Sorted and Stored, Foldable and Stackable, Using Vertical Space, and Doing Less Pull Baskets Can Not Hold Too Many Things.
3. Restaurant
If the Area of ​​the Restaurant is Large Enough, You Can Make More Sideboards, Which Can Also Hold a Lot of Items, and the Restaurant is Not So Monotonous. You Can Also Make Some Storage Compartments on the Wall, Which Are Good-looking and Can Store Things.
4. Balcony
The Balcony is Generally Used for Washing Machines and Drying Clothes, So I Suggest That the Balcony Can Be Used As a Whole Cabinet for Washing Machines, and a Small Basin Can Be Used to Wash Small Clothes if the Washing Machine is Placed Below. It Can Put Some Laundry Supplies and Sundries on It. Both Beautiful and Storage. if There is a Wall with a Sewer Pipe, You Can Use the Space to Make a Cabinet, Which Can Not Only Block the Protruding Position of the Water Pipe Wall, but Also Store Some Cleaning Supplies, Such As Sweeping Robots, Washing Machines, Brooms, Rags, Etc.
5. Bedroom
Bedrooms Are Usually Wardrobes. You Can Consider Making the Wardrobe on the Top of the Wall, Using a Clothing Storage Box Above the Wardrobe to Store Some Seasonal Clothes, and the Bedside Table Can Also Be Stored, So That the Biggest Use of Space is when Choosing a Bed Type. , You Can Choose a Bed with Storage Space, There is No Waste of Space Under the Bed, You Can Choose  Shoes Under the Bed Storage Bins, You Can Put Some Shoes and Clothes That Are Not Often Used, and You Can Also Avoid the Accumulation of Dust Under the Bed. Perfect Use of the Space Under the Bed.
6. Use Dead Corners or Corners That Are Not Easy to Notice for Storage Transformation. Increasing Storage Space is Mainly to Make Full Use of Existing Space and Develop New Space. Existing Space is to Use Some Dead Corners or Corners That Are Not Easily Noticed for Storage Room. Renovation, Such As shoes under the bed, or the Bay Window or Something to Be Remodeled to Increase the Storage Function
With Care, Each Area Can Add a Certain Amount of Storage Space. if You Need Durable, Beautiful and Applicable Home Storage, You Can Visit:
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