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The bully always says that I am the true love [wear the book]

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But she spoke more and more loudly, and then they all shouted and hurried to open the door to see. He was afraid of her nightmare. But when I opened the door, I only heard the last sentence. You liar, get out! I'm going back to my husband. The author has something to say: Nuonuo has already thought that if he does not go back, Xu Xu will be hurt by the original owner. But still can't think one more step, hey ~ Don't urge the fat head fish any more, the fat head fish is also very worried. 、chapter 46 "Glutinous." He walked quickly to her bed and looked down carefully. The little girl slept very restlessly and waved her two little hands in the air. Nuo Nuo ~ "Xu Wei grabbed her hand and put it in the quilt, then clumsily patted the quilt to coax her to sleep.". Unexpectedly, Li Yinuo woke up and saw him plunge into his arms. She whined, hugged his waist and cried, "a monster just wanted to take me away, whine ~" "Don't be afraid, it's just a dream." Xu Yan gently stroked her back, and her heart was soft and ironed. Nuo Nuo is relying on him unconsciously. It's not a dream. Li Yinuo sobbed and whispered, holding his clothes in his little hand and refusing to let go. If that S comes out again, she still wants a memory. With the shabbiness of the system hall, she wondered which time the portal was really broken. That's going to be a big deal. Go to sleep Xu Yi put her back in the quilt, "I'm not afraid, I'm here." Then he gently wiped the moisture on her face with his fingers. "Why are you crying more and more?" "I just want to cry." Li Yinuo pouted and closed his eyes. The little hand held his finger and refused to let go. Xu Kui laughed a little and had some doubts. I heard that pregnant women will be emotionally unstable. But is it so soon? "Is the endorsement still not good?" Luan Qianqian thumped the handrail with a little irritability. Although her popularity has greatly increased because of the announcement of her relationship, it's just empty and lively, and it doesn't bring any real benefits except whitewashing. Qianqian,car radiator cap, bieg is already talking to Liu Siyou about the reward. Broker complexion is very bad, "appropriate makeup although not explicitly refused, but it is said that in private also contacted a lot of artists, we..." In fact, she wanted to say that she should stop rushing to ask and humiliate herself. Keep staring. Luan Qianqian clenched her pink fist. "Didn't you come into contact with the brands of women's products and daily necessities before? You can also consider it." She knew she couldn't be too picky in a crisis. Let's put aside the character setting first. OK The broker nodded and went out to make a phone call with a gloomy look. In fact, she felt that those brands that used to catch up, now even if they cut prices to make an appointment, people may not pay attention to them. Wait until the "Dream Wedding" finale, the current endorsement is also about to expire, exposure is very worrying. If the other party still refuses to let Qianqian go, it can only find another way out. On the third day on the island, die casting parts ,titanium machining parts, Li Yinuo slept until noon. When I woke up, I rubbed my eyes confusedly. Half a minute later, I was so surprised that I jumped up and shouted: "Ah, ah, ah, ah!" Sitting on a chair beside her bed, Xu Yan, who was reading, chuckled and said, "What's the matter?"? Have something to do? He was wearing the same clothes she bought yesterday. It's nothing, but it's rare to come out to play. It's a pity to fall asleep. Li Yinuo was stunned, "wait." What are you doing here? Xu Wei clipped the book and signed for it. He deliberately did not answer her question. He just said lightly, "If you want to play, I will take you out every weekend." Well, the book says that more relaxation is good for calming unstable emotions. Ok Li Yinuo clapped his hands and saw the rainbow in his heart. "Then you go out.". I'll change and let's go to lunch. "Good." Xu Wei nodded, got up and went out. Li Yinuo turned out a flowing peacock blue dress from the suitcase and casually glanced at the book Xu had just read. Precautions during pregnancy, it's an English book. When she struggled to put on the bandage on her back alone and her hands were so sore that they were almost useless, she realized later that something seemed to be wrong. Uh? Precautions during pregnancy? Pregnancy Guide??! Li Yinuo's hand trembled, the bandage that had not been tied in time loosened, and the whole silk skirt immediately fell to the ground. She stared at her lower abdomen and felt a little confused. What's the matter? What's with the pregnancy guide? Who? Who's pregnant?! There was a knock at the door. Xu's deep and slightly worried voice came from outside the door, "Nuo Nuo, what's wrong?"? Haven't you changed it yet? Ashamed, ashamed, and annoyed, Li Yinuo said grumpily, "It's all right. What's the hurry?" What's the rush? Do you have to read this kind of book now? Xu Wei was stupefied. This mood is really like a roller coaster. He felt that his temper had never been so good, and he still said gently, "OK, don't worry.". I'll wait outside. Call me if you need anything. "What can happen?" Li Yinuo mumbled and did not know where he got up. Then he struggled to put his hands behind his back and entangled himself with slippery clothes and bandages again. Xu waited patiently for ten minutes. As a result, I waited for a little girl with a face full of shame, indignation and suffocation. Li Yinuo grabbed the two ribbons with a hand that was about to twitch, blushed, and stammered: "Help, help me tie a knot." Shame! My face hurts! There was a playful smile at the corners of Xu's mouth, and his bony fingers gently took the two slippery ribbons. The tight bandage outlined her graceful curves very beautifully. Li Yinuo's limp hands were finally liberated,car radiator cap, and he gently rubbed his almost numb arms. Her back was very sensitive, and when he touched her lightly with his fingers, she felt a thin tremor unconsciously.

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