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Rogue Masters of Online Games

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No matter how strong Xia Feng's personal strength is, he can't fight against millions of people in the Chinese Alliance. No one can resist Xia Feng's "sex" in the real world. But Xia Feng has to admit one thing now. After a year and a half, the equipment in the real world is constantly being renovated, and even the equipment has been completely shuffled. The immortal artifact is no longer looking up to the existence. Millions of people in the Chinese League will certainly have a large number of immortals and artifacts in hand, and Xia Feng is not sure that the Chinese League has not had a master in more than a year. Now the ranking of the real world can be ignored, because equipment is king, level and so on are nonsense, although it can drive the "sex" and life value, but it is undeniable that equipment is the foundation of the game. Just like Xia Feng, if Xia Feng's level is 100 now, then he can only be regarded as an ordinary player in the real world, but can you ignore the equipment on Xia Feng? Even if the summer wind is only level 50, what can it do? A warrior of two hundred, can you take down Xia Feng? Obviously impossible, so Xia Feng is now more worried about this problem, Xia Feng now a person can challenge the Chinese League of one million people, in more words Xia Feng absolutely can not afford, because the real world and the real world are similar, how spectacular is one million people? A million people can stand together and can't see the edge. What can Xia Feng's skills do? Even if the meteor fire rain plus other skills can kill a million people,ceramic bobbin heater, but every time the skill is used once, it will bear a huge level punishment and attribute punishment. This result is not what Xia Feng wants to see. So if Xia Feng wants to defeat the Chinese Alliance, he can only compete with the Chinese Alliance from the factors of the art of war, the number of people and so on. It is no exaggeration to say that if the Chinese Alliance dispatches hundreds of thousands of elites, then the summer wind is absolutely too much, this is absolute, the guild defense skills are equal to invincible, plus the guild attack skills are also the primary skills to break the summer wind,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and if there are a few more artifacts among the hundreds of thousands of people, then it is only a matter of time to kill the summer wind. So the summer wind is invincible, relatively speaking, the summer wind is the king of single combat invincibility, even a person fighting ten thousand people have no problem. But from ancient times to the present, every war general with the title of God of War was not killed by the tactics of the human sea? The same is true of Xia Feng, unless Xia Feng has the strength that players can't look up to, such as after Xia Feng becomes a God, or after Xia Feng restores his identity, that's another matter. The recovery of Zhu Xian is like giving all the players a shot of stimulant, but at the same time, the players also realize that the Chinese League is now so strong, can Zhu Xian pull back? This problem is undoubtedly the most important thing that players are concerned about. The most important thing is that now the players in China really don't want to have a civil war in China, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,ceramic bobbin element, but Xia Feng has to fight, because behind the Chinese Alliance is Japan. If the Chinese Alliance really controls the whole of China, then even if they are in the big energy, they can't recover it.  And a lot of players who support Zhu Xian have come to Zhu Xian to join the guild. In a short night, the number of Zhu Xian has increased from 150,cordierite c520,000 to 300,000, which is enough to prove the status of Zhu Xian guild in the hearts of players.

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