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"Wow, Tianci, sitting on the back of the Blood-winged Demon Tiger, my long-range attack increases by 20%, and my attack speed increases by 10%. How good is that?" If the water is sitting behind the blood-winged demon tiger suddenly exclaimed, Tianci is also a stupefied, and this benefit? Why don't I know? This tiger is partial. However, Tianci thought about it, Xiaohu would not do this, it must be that this effect is only effective for long-range professions, so Xiaohu immediately returned to the first level of transformation after seeing Ruoshui, and let Ruoshui sit on it. Looking at Ruoshui, who had already run into the group of skeletons and began to brush the monster, Tianci was a little intoxicated. Ruoshui, dressed as a handsome hunter, was riding a blood-winged demon tiger and killing the monster with a three-tailed snow fox. It was so beautiful. For a moment, Tianci only stared at Ruoshui killing the monster and forgot about other things. If so, the player who brushes the monster in the third progress is even more unable to control himself. A beautiful hunter riding a strange blood "color" tiger, with a pure white "color" three-tailed snow fox, that kind of free and easy and elegant shuttle galloping in the group of monsters, makes all the players who see Ruoshui almost stop their movements and turn to see Ruoshui kill the monster. The monster's roar and the player's screams rang out fiercely, and Ruoshui seemed to be frightened by the sudden scene, riding the Blood-winged Demon Tiger rushed back,fine bubble diffuser, his face was full of excitement and excitement, it seemed that the feeling of riding the Blood-winged Demon Tiger to kill the monster made the beauty particularly satisfied, and Tianci looked at the approaching Ruoshui. The appearance of Ruoshui riding the Blood-winged Demon Tiger is simply too beautiful. Volume 3 Chapter 35: Ruoshui Goddess Skeleton General Chapter 35: Ruoshui Goddess Skeleton General Today, Tianci is destined to bring some surprises to East China. First of all, a water goddess riding an imposing blood-winged demon tiger was born. The figure and the arrogant and gorgeous battle scene made the gang of Zhengfeng Gang shout the title of goddess first. Then, the hunter who had the mount first was born, which made the hunters of the whole server envy her for a while. If the water green "color" beautiful figure riding on the ferocious blood wing magic tiger, and then with the snow-white three-tailed snow fox battle video, immediately swept the fate of the major forums like the wind,multi disc screw press, but at the same time, there is a video also followed, occupying the second place in the forum post, the title of this post is also explosive "sex": "Destiny's first purple'color 'mythical beast was born, and Tianci, the leader of the East China Zhengfeng Gang, brought his mythical beast to the Dragon City." In this post, the author uses close brushwork to describe the appearance of the God-given mythical beast, and adds his own analysis, and then the author also receives an insider's "disclosure" before the author affirms the fact that the God-given pet is a mythical beast. Tianci's pet is the thunder God beast, whose name is the thunder beast Moore. Tianci will upgrade the thunder beast Moore this time. He is accompanied by the'Angel of Light 'Biyue and the goddess Ruoshui, who is suddenly extremely strong in the limelight. According to the insider, Biyue and Shangshan Ruoshui are both the real girlfriends of the'thunder God' Tianci. In this regard, the poster also declared that This post is only for personal speculation. Do not attack this post for the admirers of the two beauties. Finally, the poster reveals that the news of Tianci and the two beauties will come one after another. Please look forward to it. Then the name of the poster and the gossip. For the above content, Tianci and Ruoshui, Wall Penstocks ,Mechanical fine screen, Biyue and others were later known. For this insider, Tianci thought about it and finally decided on Fatty He, who often betrayed him. After severe interrogation and torture, Fatty He finally admitted that the insider in the post was him, but he also said it in an unintentional chat. Later, Tianci only asked Fatty He a word. After getting the exact answer, he let Fatty He go with a lament. Tianci asked Fatty He, "Well, Fatty, is that a woman?" He Fatty then nodded with a smile and replied, "Hey, it's a very beautiful sorceress..." In fact, for that day, too many things happened, so that Tianci was in a good mood, which is the reason for the final release of Fatty He, let's turn the clock back to the beginning of that crazy day.. "Wow, if the water, you ride the blood wing magic tiger to fight the appearance is simply too beautiful, long-range attack power increased by 20%?"? Great, so your attack power will come up, you can temporarily make up for the gap between your level and equipment. When Biyue saw Ruoshui running back on a blood-winged tiger, she immediately came forward and said to Ruoshui with a smile. Really? I feel good, but also add 10% of the attack speed, the tiger can also help me attack close to the monster, the tiger is simply too good. As he spoke, Ruoshui turned his eyes to Tianci. His eyes were full of love. He saw that Tianci also felt a ripple in his heart. Then Tianci said: "Ruoshui, this Blood-winged Demon Tiger is the mount that killed the first boss guarding the city. It was occupied by my soul. Once I die, it will be gone. You should be careful when fighting." "Well, I will. I'd rather die than let it die." Ruoshui said also bent over the forehead of the blood-winged magic tiger and kissed it, which shows how much Ruoshui likes the blood-winged magic tiger, and Ruoshui now likes the feeling of fighting on the blood-wing magic tiger very much. Roar.. Listening to Ruoshui's words and receiving a kiss from Ruoshui, the Blood-winged Demon Tiger immediately roared to the sky, and then looked at Ruoshui behind him with his black "color" tiger eyes, his tail shaking slightly, and his expression was extremely intimate. It seems to say that it will fight well and will never let Ruoshui be in danger. At this time, Tianci is jealous, Ruoshui, Ruoshui actually kissed the dead tiger, although only the forehead, although the blood-winged magic tiger is only a "lovely" big cat, but. Even though there are a million of them, Tianci is still not happy. "Ha ha, Ruoshui, look, Tianci is breathing sour gas." Biyue soon saw Tianci's depression, and could not help teasing Tianci, "Well, well, the prestige is also imposing, quickly brush the points,Rotating sludge scraper, Tianci, if the level of water is now a bit out of touch, you have to work hard." 。

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