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Arrogant idle king

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"How long has it been?" Su Qingling's eyes narrowed slightly, and a cold light passed through his long and narrow eyes. It's not that she doesn't believe Xiasiluo, in fact she is 100% sure that Shang Qiuchan will encounter a big iceberg. What made her angry was that the damned mistress did not listen to her words and dared to play tricks behind her back. Hum, originally she thought that if the three concubines knew their duties and kept the rich life they wanted without provoking Lolo, she would let them wait quietly in the palace to grow old. But apparently these concubines all want to make a big turn, perhaps even fantasize about taking down their own right, so that she doesn't have to make it too easy for them. Back to the Crown Princess, the Empress Qiufei went in for only a stick of incense. "A stick of incense?" It's been long enough. It's her turn to go in and have a look. Su Qingling hooked his lips and stepped lightly into the imperial study. Several eunuchs saw that she had also gone in, and they were even more sure that there was a good show to watch. But this time they dare not peep again, unless they are collectively crazy, will go to provoke the Crown Princess. They went back to the side and did their job well. The moment Su Qingling walked into the room, Xiasiluo raised his head. Like telepathy, the two men smiled at each other tacitly. Su Qingling looked at the silly Shang Qiuchan, some sympathy in her heart, actually put a good life,stainless steel tube 304, however, ran into the palace to do small three, but also part-time decorative wallflowers, poor wow. That's what stupid people do. Is Qiu Fei's sister here, too? Su Qingling took the lead in making a sound. She was afraid that if she didn't make a sound, the wallflower would sleep forever. Shang Qiuchan was startled to hear Su Qingling's voice,aluminium coated tubes, but more importantly, she was embarrassed to be bumped into, especially when the person she bumped into was her husband's first wife. I have seen the Crown Princess. Unwilling to salute Su Qingling, watching Su Qingling go directly to the back of the study, of course against Xiasiluo, that expression like showing off, let her heart is very angry, but also very unwilling. With what? Not only did he not win the favor of His Royal Highness, but he also had to be scolded by him. But this Crown Princess can swagger to his side, even he will not be angry. Get up. Su Qingling waved to Shang Qiuchan, Precision Welded pipes ,side impact door beams, lazily leaning against Xiasiluo, the expression is very charming and sexy, see Shang Qiuchan more jealous and unwilling, is the prince because of her beauty to the crown princess? But although they are not as beautiful as the Crown Princess, they can also be regarded as the beauty of the country. Thank the Crown Princess. . Text North Phoenix Palace Dou 156? First wife PK Xiaosan (Part 2) "Thank the Crown Princess.". (.)|” Shang Qiuchan stood up and deliberately straightened his back, as if he would not lose to Su Qingling in momentum. But she did not understand, in fact, she is not qualified to compare with Su Qingling. Is that for the prince? Su Qingling looked at the porcelain bowl in the little maid's hand and slightly hooked her lips. Qiu Fei is really virtuous, so soon know to love your Highness. It seems that this Shang Qiuchan is more active than the other two. But she was positive about the wrong person. Lolo is hers, stamped and unique. Thank the Crown Princess for her praise. Shang Qiuchan was blessed again, and it was not that she did not recognize the meaning of Su Qingling's words. But deliberately pretend not to understand, "I should do all this, your Highness's official work is tired, it is time to make up for it." Su Qingling rolled his eyes and made up for it? Is it just too much? Only then did he install a big iceberg during the day and turn into a volcano at night, burning her whole body almost to the bone. Lolo, are you tired? It's rare for Qiu Fei's sister to have such a mind. Why don't you drink her mind? Su Qingling deliberately blew close to Xiasiluo's ear and said to him. Xiasiluo's expression did not change, but he denied it lightly. No need. Shang Qiuchan originally with an expectant expression, biting the shellfish teeth, did not expect that your Highness really did not give her face. (.)| Lolo, but I'm hungry? What to do? Su Qingling coquettishly nestled into Xiasiluo's arms and forced him to stop his work. Shang Qiuchan and the palace maid looked at this scene in surprise, and she also understood that the crown princess actually called the crown prince such a ridiculous name? Lolo? She seems to have too much courage. Xiasiluo heard Su Qingling say that she was hungry, and immediately understood what she meant. Ice eyes toward Shang Qiuchan looked, slightly lifted his lips: "Bird's nest-" Shang Qiuchan was stunned at first, and then suddenly became happy. She mistakenly thought that Xiasiluo had changed his mind to drink bird's nest. She quickly took the porcelain bowl from the maid's hand and carefully handed it up. Xiasiluo nodded to the little eunuch who came in. The little eunuch took the bird's nest from Shang Qiuchan and put it on the table. Then he took out the silver needle and opened the lid of the bowl. He inserted it into the bird's nest to test the poison. As soon as Shang Qiuchan saw his movements, his face turned green. Will she harm the prince? "Your Highness, no problem." The eunuch replied. Xiasiluo nodded, then took the bird's nest and handed it to Su Qingling. . . Su Qingling raised his head, blinked his eyes like a black gem, and said lazily: "Husband, feed me-" When the words fell, Su Qingling swore that she felt the room so quiet that she could hear the sound of an embroidery needle falling. Shang Qiuchan and others lived up to her expectations and became fools, and their stunned appearance was really interesting. Xia Si Luo slightly stagnated, then picked up the spoon to feed Su Qingling's bird's nest. Su Qingling swallowed it, then smiled at Shang Qiuchan, but showed off. This bird's nest is really sweet,beam impact tubes, and my sister has a heart. Shang Qiuchan was so angry that his teeth itched, but he dared not speak out. He showed a smiling face at Su Qingling, but he did not gnash his teeth and said: "I'm flattered by the Crown Princess." 。

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