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Super Soldier King _ Ming Dynasty No Wine _ txt Novel Paradise

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Ye Qian smiled and said, "Mr. Ouyang is serious. Since we are partners now, it is natural to cooperate with each other.". I, Ye Qian, have only one point in life. People respect me a foot, and I respect people a foot. Others treat me as a brother, so I can work for others. However, there is one thing to say first, I know nothing about management, it is simply 250, so the management of the coal mine must not come to me, I am only responsible for investment and future sales, the rest, I do not care ah. That's nature, nature. Since it is cooperation, it is natural to have a clear division of labor. Ouyang Mingxuan said, "Huai An and I should be responsible for the mining and future management of the coal mine.". We are responsible for everything, including the arrangement. I believe that with the strong alliance of the three parties, the future world will definitely be ours. Zha Huaian smiled faintly, as if he had not raised much interest, but in his gloomy eyes,tape measure clip, there was a clear flash of light. Indeed, Ouyang Mingxuan said that the profit of this investment is very powerful, money can do a lot of things, which Zha Huaian has a deep understanding. If you have this investment, then your financial resources will roll in in the future, and you can do more things. However, on the surface, Zha Huaian is very calm. This is him,Surveyors tape measure, feminine and reserved, low-key. I really want to know whether it is useful for us to talk so well here. Zha Huaian said. Ryan, what do you mean? I don't understand. Ouyang Mingxuan asked with some surprise. Ye Qian could hear the meaning of Cha Huai'an, but he did not speak. There are still two days to go when they compete with my master. You know my master's kung fu. How sure do you think they are to win? Zha Huaian said. One on one, we may not have any chance of winning, but two on one, at least we can draw with Du Fuwei. Said Molong. Is it? ' Zha Huai'an laughed disdainfully and said, "If you fight my master with your present strength, you have no chance of winning.". I don't know how your kung fu is, but I heard my master mention the fight you had with him the other day. He hasn't done his best yet, so you won't be his opponent. With a slight smile, Ye Qian said, "Now that Mr. Cha knows, I think Mr. Cha must have a way, don't you?" Cha Huai'an was slightly stupefied, cattle weight tape ,fish measuring tape, startled by Ye Qian's bold words, that is, he, for anyone who would not dare to say so? The meaning of these words, has been very obvious, is clearly implying that Zha Huaian betrayed his master Du Fuwei. Ouyang Mingxuan was also startled, although he was very clear about Cha Huai'an's mind, because he had been with Cha Huai'an for a long time. But the first time Ye Qian saw Zha Huaian, he dared to give such a hint, he had to admire Ye Qian's courage and wisdom. He believed that Ye Qian did not say this for no reason, but definitely saw something. Molong was also startled and looked at Ye Qian in astonishment. He could not believe Ye Qian's directness. This is not to show their attitude, if Zha Huai'an does not agree, they can be at a disadvantage ah. As for Jin Weihao, his face was calm, as if he had long known that Ye Qian would say so. Zha Huai'an smiled coldly and said, "Is Mr. Ye trying to provoke?"? Du Fuwei is my master. Even if I have a way, do you think I will help you? Ye Qian laughed disdainfully and said, "There is no absolute thing in this world. There is a possibility for everything.". What does Mr. Cha think? As far as I know, although Mr. Zha is a disciple of Du Fuwei, he is not very popular with Du Fuwei, is he? "Hum, I think, Mr. Ye's understanding is not right?"? Who doesn't know that I have absolute rights in the Mohist Guild? My influence in the Mohist Guild is not generally small. You say, why should I cooperate with you? Moreover, he had to bear the charge of betraying his school. Zha Huai'an said. With a smile, Ye Qian said, "Mr. Zha is deceiving himself and others, isn't he?"? Although it is the first time for us to meet, it is not the first time for me and your elder sister Yan Sishui. I think she is the future successor of the Mohist Guild? I also know that your master is going to retire, and the next successor must be Yan Sishui. Moreover, the Mohist Guild is Du Fuwei's monologue, as long as he is still here, you will never have a chance. Zha Huaian frowned slightly and said sullenly, "It seems that Mr. Ye knows a lot about our Mohist Guild. He must have made a deep study of me, right?" "Research is out of the question, just some understanding." Ye Qian said, "Since we are now in a cooperative relationship, I naturally hope that Mr. Zha can win this battle, so that it will be more beneficial to our future.". What do you think? Mr. Cha. "Huai An, in fact, I have been suffocating for you." Ouyang Mingxuan also struck while the iron was hot and said, "That Yan Sishui is neither male nor female. In terms of martial arts and talent, which point is she better than you?"? Don't you just rely on your master to support her? Otherwise, where would the Mohist Guild have her? I think what Mr. Ye said is reasonable. Now that we are in a cooperative relationship, we naturally hope that you can win the battle. If you fail, it will do us no good, won't it? So, I think you should make a choice as early as possible. It's too late. This opportunity is a good one. You must not miss it. "It's not that simple." Zha Huaian said,horse weight tape, "Master has always been very strict with me, the purpose is to fear that I will one day compete with Yan Sishui for the position of this giant.". Although I seem to be very beautiful now in the Mohist Guild, I know very well that all this is not the case at all. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian'tang Chapter 1035 alliance of interests.

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