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Quick-wear system: villain boss attack by Mo Ling

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"Why don't you ride the wind and soar to ninety thousand miles?" I am the body of ten thousand gold, is it what you can say you want? With a straight face, Fu Shen said lightly, "That's exactly what I mean." How interesting! The leprechaun has evolved so shamelessly that I admire him very much. Let's fight. Mingshu simply and crudely lifted his sleeve, "Whoever wins will have meat buns." We don't beep, we just do it. Fu Shen: "?" Du · Meat Steamed Bun · Mian: "… …" "You are no match for me." Fu Shen said, "Now that you know about the five-star city, you know where I come from. If you fight with me, you will only lose." "How do you know I'll lose if I haven't fought? Cut the crap. Will you fight?" MMP hit a hairball! If he fights with her, what will he do next? Fu Shen's line of sight lingered twice on Mingshu and Du Mian, and finally lowered his eyes and turned away. I can't afford to hide. What was said just now? How interesting Did I say that? No! I didn't say anything! Mingshu: "… …" I took my pants off and you left?! What about the Fried Mao Xiaogongju! It's a public persona. Hey! "You.." Du Mian bit his lip and stepped back two steps. Don't worry, I won't kill you if I don't kill you. I'm reasonable. Mingshu smiled and patted Du Mian on the shoulder. "Live well, baby. Don't die. I can save you this time,Nail machine supplier, but not next time. I will be very distressed if you die." If you die, the snack voucher will be gone. You can't die! Mingshu in Du Mian's confused line of sight, Shi Shiran left. The noisy street suddenly fell silent, leaving only a strong smell of blood, and Du Mian grabbed his skirt. Five-star city.. Did they just say five-star city? White clouds are white, blue sky is blue,Coil nail machine, good and evil are a line of sky. Blood is like the sea, corpses are like mountains, and life and death are in one thought. Gods die, demons come, and black and white are boundless. In the field of reincarnation, ten thousand bones wither, and the Jedi meets the living. Chaos City, Heaven and Earth Gate, a dream of longevity. The strange tune came from somewhere, nail manufacturing machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, and Du Mian looked around with tingling scalp. It was that song again, a few more words than she had heard last time. Mingshu glanced at the humming clown. The clown continued to hum, ".. Immortal sighs, mortal scenery. The clown stopped and Mingshu looked at him. "No more?" The clown blinked. "Do I sing well?" He avoided the question of Mingshu. Mingshu didn't care. "What does this song mean?" He asked. "Hee hee, I don't know." “……” I didn't know you sang so hard. "It sounds terrible." Clown - Two days later, Mingshu joined up with all the members of the Food Empire, who were somewhat capable, and no one died except for a few injuries. After the rendezvous, Mingshu took them to grab the supplies. Their goal is to make players hungry. The player of the food empire said that he had never seen such a vicious person. With Tiya, which can be called a safe point plug-in, Mingshu doesn't have to worry about finding a safe point at all. It's a little disgusting when you kill monsters. The more these monsters evolve, the uglier they are. They are so ugly that they are out of the universe and the Milky Way. The big white worm of that day belongs to the cute type in this group of monsters. Three-star cities, on the contrary, have fewer security points than two-star cities, and most of them are weapons. Mingshu stepped on a pile of weapons and was depressed. "Why do you get so many weapons?"? Can you eat it? "Boss, you can save your life!" "These weapons have a special effect on killing monsters," said a member of the Food Empire. "They are easier to kill." Boss, are we going to kill monsters, too? The first two hundred players who collect ten city stars can leave. Don't ask how many city stars they have. They didn't! Not a single one! That's how poor it is. I can't eat when I see them. I still want to destroy this mission and kill some monster. But how to destroy it. Got it. Mingshu opens the leaderboard, which will show the players who now have the city star. Not just two hundred, but any player with a city star will be shown on this. Can feel the malice of this game from the list, this is not like the wealth of the rich exposed, let people go to rob it? But this time, the map does not show the player's position and faction as it did last time. Ming Shu turned over his equipment. Hawkeye: a one-time item that allows you to view all players in a non-map quest. Mingshu click to use. The map darkened, and after a moment it lit up again, and this time the map lit up with blue dots, with different numbers on different blue dots. Mingshu corresponds to the next ranking. This number should be the number of city stars. The top also shows the number of remaining players. It is not known how many people originally came in, but there are still more than 1300 people left. This is a good equipment! Not afraid of hand disability to play games, afraid of hand disability is a local tyrant! "Go and take you to rob!" The society waved the flag. People: "… …" It's getting more and more social. The first one to be robbed is two players who are traveling together. By the food empire Tuan Tuan position, two people are confused, trembling to ask: "dry … …" What are you doing? Mingshu carried the flag on his shoulder and stepped on the roof of the car. "Hand over the supplies." The rules of the game say that the city star can be robbed. Both of them thought they were here to rob the city star, but they didn't think they were here to rob the supplies. Two people are not entangled,Coil Nail Making Machine, and it is important to save their lives at this time. They handed over all their supplies, "just." That's all. We don't have much left. Two people add up to only three compressed biscuits and four bottles of water. The star of the city is also handed over. Mingshu jumped down and walked over slowly. She smiled. "Cooperate well. I won't kill you." The woman's smile in front of her is very beautiful, and the filth of the city seems to be unable to be impregnated. Here you are The blood-red star of the city was handed to Mingshu. She took it and looked at it. She threw it on the ground and crushed it in front of two people. “……” That is City Star. Is she crazy?.

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