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My husband is dead and I am enthroned.

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Guan Pingbo roughly drew a few sketches, thinking that she didn't need to run around with a sewing machine anyway, so she might as well make a wooden one. Although the quality is poor, the volume is relatively large, but the advantage is that she can do the main body herself, a small amount of metal parts customized, the speed will be much faster. After drawing for a while, I suddenly remembered the important chemical and mathematical formulas. When she arrived, all she could think about was how to use her knowledge to get rich. The housekeeper was poor. No matter how much her father loved her, he would not let her harm the pen, ink, and paper. She had to take a pen and write from memory on the bluestone slab over and over again, all by her brain. After several years of work, I have forgotten a lot of university knowledge, but I remember some interesting ones. Fortunately, he is young and has a good memory. What he can remember before crossing, he still remembers now. While he had a pen and paper, he threw away the drawing of the sewing machine and quickly recorded the things in his memory on the paper. The snow goose can't read, and she doesn't know what she's playing with. Lian Zhu asked, the snow wild goose only said to draw the amulet to play, then a smile, a little unrestrained her,mobile racking systems, instead for her to find some lines, so that the ghost drawing amulet bound into a book. In this way, the Mid-Autumn Festival ceremony naturally can not catch up, but Lian Zhu is still in the small month, the second room only Hu Sanniang early prepared two sets of clothes to serve with parents-in-law. Huang Xuelan in the third room had not yet recovered, and Lian Zhu could not get out of bed. The Dou family had a good Mid-Autumn Festival, which was tasteless, and even the reunion dinner had never been eaten raw. A few days later,wire mesh decking, Guan Pingbo finished collecting the knowledge points and returned to play with the hand-cranked sewing machine. She planed the wooden body by herself, drew the metal part into detailed drawings, handed them to the snow geese, and asked her to look for someone to do it outside. Guan Pingbo had a piece of gold, which was quite valuable at this time, so they all ordered pure copper. It was not until August 24 that Guan Pingbo assembled all the parts. I tried to shake the handle once, but it was not as efficient as the pedal. However, it is much better than sewing by hand. When Xueyan came back from washing clothes outside, she saw Guan Pingbo waving to her in the room. Put the basin into Guan Pingbo's bedroom and asked with a smile, "What does aunt want me to do?" Guan Pingbo handed her a piece of cloth with double lines and said, "Today, I will open your eyes and let you know what is called dense stitching." Snow wild goose is taking cloth to do not know whether to laugh or cry: "Good aunt, you a long time today, play on cloth?"? Why waste such a dense thread on cloth. It is not necessary to sew the clothes of filial piety to parents-in-law in this way. Anyway, the clothes of grandmothers and aunts can be worn for two seasons at most, mobile racking systems ,drive in racking system, and they don't need to be so meticulous. Guan Pingbo smiled and did not speak, but took back the cloth just now and demonstrated it on the hand-cranked sewing machine. Xueyan said angrily, "Who told you not to wear makeup?"! "With a plain face and a round bun,industrial racking systems, even a celestial being can't make a good match!" With that, she dragged Guan Pingbo in front of the dressing table and tore down her bun, changing her bun and throwing Rouge. It was not until Dou Honglang entered the door that she escaped.

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