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My princess is open.

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Wait, what did you say? Qu Tangtang stopped, looked at Ah Huo, and asked in a low voice, "Did you say that someone deliberately designed my father to pick up the hairpin?" A Huo nodded his head and floated to a place closer to Qu Tangtang. He said slowly, "Yes, someone deliberately put the hairpin on the way your father passed." "And I didn't want to get married. I died in a shop. It's not boring to listen to these people chatting in the house every day." "But the man told me that if someone married me, I could play everywhere, and I agreed as soon as I was happy." "My Lord, your father has a very good smell, and I like it very much." A fire floats to and fro, circling around Qu Tangtang. "But now I don't need your father. I find that adults can let me play everywhere. I really like you." "Humph, flatterer." Water cold hum, "I tell you, I am the first ghost to follow adults, you must call me eldest brother!" A Huo looked at a Shui, his face full of unconvinced: "I am not worse than you!"! Why should I recognize you as my eldest brother? Qu Tangtang looked at Ah Huo and said, "Can you hit the wall with a ghost?" A fire is stupefied: "What is that?"? I can only operate fire, but my Lord, I have never hurt anyone! "Who hasn't?"! I haven't hurt anyone either! "Ah Shui snorted twice." But you can't hit the wall with a ghost, so you can only call me Big Brother! A Shui rolled his eyes and said quickly. Why would a ghost hit the wall? "Ah Huo is not convinced." You can't even hit the wall with a ghost. What are you doing? Said Ah Shui in a threatening manner. Huo was stunned. Qu Tangtang took out a piece of candy from his bag and ate it. The sweet taste lingered between his lips and teeth: "How can this sentence be so familiar?" "Ah Huo,tile trim factory, do you remember what he looked like?" Qu Tangtang looked up at Ah Huo and asked. Fire seemed to be thinking, said slowly: "I know, two eyes, a mouth, a nose, round head …" And two moustaches. "No?" Qu Tangtang asked. A Huo nodded: "No." Qu Tangtang raised his thumb: "You have a good memory!" "Thank you for your praise!" A Huo floated happily to and fro, and took a proud look at a Shui. A Shui is aggrieved unceasingly at the moment: "My Lord,aluminum tile edge trim, am I not fierce?" Qu Tangtang smokes at the corners of his mouth, two idiots! Qu Tangtang made a turn and went to the study. Ah Huo said that her father had a smell that Ah Huo liked, which meant that something on her father had been ignored by her. Dad! Father! Qu Tangtang shouted as he walked. In the study, Qu Erfan's eyes lit up. "Dad, it's my sister!" Then he went out. Seeing Qu Erfan, Qu Tangtang bent his eyes: "Second brother, hug me!" Qu Erfan looked at Qu Tangtang in amazement: "What did you say?" "Carry me in!" Qu Tangtang said loudly, "I'm so tired." "Second Brother, hurry up!" Walking from the garden to the study, half an hour later, Qu Tangtang also felt how big Qu Fu was! Qu Erfan was very happy: "Well, well, the second brother hugged you. No, no, no, metal trim manufacturers ,stainless steel tile edging, he carried you in." With these words, Qu Erfan squatted down, and Qu Tangtang quickly lay down on his stomach. Pow! Qu Erfan fell directly to the ground, and Qu Tangtang fell on Qu Erfan without any preparation. Qu Erfan's face turned red: "Qu Tangtang!"! You're too heavy! Qu Tangtang climbed up from Qu Erfan and felt wronged. Where is she heavy? She just looks fat, all this flesh is empty! No weight! The voice on this side made several people in the study come out. Just seeing this scene, Qu San, who had always been slow, took two steps quickly, pulled Qu Tangtang up, and carefully photographed the dust on his body for Qu Tangtang. Tangtang, don't cry. No pain, no pain. It's all the second brother's fault. The third brother has sugar here for you to eat. Qu San is also like coaxing a child, coaxing slowly. Qu Tangtang took the sugar, and the grievance on his face disappeared: "The third elder brother is really good!" Qu Erfan climbed up directly and rolled his eyes: "Qu Tangtang, if you eat again, you will become a pig!" "Smelly boy!"! What are you talking about? Qu Zhongtian slapped Qu Erfan on the back of his head and glared at him. "Go, go, go, stay!"! Where did Tangtang eat too much! So thin, you can still eat some more! Said, Qu Zhongtian kindly looked at Qu Tangtang: "Tangtang don't listen to your second brother, your second brother doesn't exercise, but also dislikes you, obviously he is too weak!" "Come on, Dad, carry you in!" With these words, Qu Zhentian squatted down and held Qu Tangtang in his arms. Hug, ah, did not move. Qu Tangtang looked up at Qu Zhongtian and called out in a soft voice, "Dad.." "Dad wasn't ready just now." With these words, Qu Zhentian exerted himself again and finally picked up Qu Tangtang: "Look, this is not holding up!" After waiting to go to the study, Qu Zhongtian thought about it and said tentatively, "Tangtang, do we have to lose weight?" Qu Tangtang looked up suddenly: "I want to eat something!" Eat, eat, eat, of course! Dad means, do some exercise? Qu Zhongtian put down Qu Tangtang: "Dad doesn't dislike your weight. Dad is afraid that if you don't exercise, your body will get sick easily." When Qu Erfan heard this, he laughed loudly: "Ha ha ha ha!"! Tangtang, Dad also dislikes you for being fat! Ha ha ha ha! My Lord, you really need to lose weight! Huo laughed too. "You do look a little fat. All the ten-year-old children I've seen are thin." "Ah Shui is to say:" Do not have, I look at adult very lovely. Qu San also grabbed Qu Erfan's sleeve and frowned. "Second brother, you can't say that about your sister." Qu Erfan snorted, "I'm telling the truth. I'm so fat. No one will dare to take her in the future!" "If only we had a sister." Qu San also went to Qu Tangtang's side,stainless steel tile edge trim, "Sister is lovely, second brother can't bully sister." "Yes!"! Yier is right. If you bully your sister again, Dad won't give you pocket money! Qu Zhongtian drank a cup of tea and squinted his eyes.

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