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Try to refuse me again.

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"I'll come down and see what you're doing. Those who chat on the ground will go back to their seats. You're in the key class. You're still thinking about chatting in the third year of senior high school. What's there to talk about?" The chemistry teacher came down from the platform! Xia Nan and Ye Chu sat in the middle of the window seat, the teacher can see them again, Xia Nan scared heart into the throat, Ye Chu still did not let go of her, he is still kissing her. Xia Nan even felt that Ye Chu was more excited. He had no intention of letting go. Xia Nan did not dare to struggle, at this time, they could not move too much. The chemistry teacher had a flashlight. In the dark, the flashlight showed its true colors. The school uniform was soft, and the outline of the person inside could be seen faintly from the outside. If she struggled, the chemistry teacher would have found it. As soon as some girls saw the chemistry teacher coming down, they hurriedly changed their seats. Hearing the noise, Xia Nan's hands were covered with cold sweat, and her heart was beating very fast. Ye Chu's heart beat very fast, but he felt inexplicably cool. It's so ***ing exciting. This kind of life experience will probably not happen again. The chemistry teacher took the flashlight to shine everywhere, the white dazzling light flashed in the class, when the light shone to Xia Nan and Ye Chu here, the light stopped. White light along the thin school uniform coat penetrated into the inside, Xia Nan's eyelids felt the light and shadow, stayed in the dark for too long, at first felt the light, Xia Nan's eyes were uncomfortable with tears, she could not tell whether it was frightened or illuminated, she nervously curled up her toes. Ye Chu also felt the light of the flashlight stopped here,Whirlpool bathtub, he actually knew in his heart, if the chemistry teacher lifted the school uniform coat, he would immediately let go of Xia Nan, pretending that nothing had happened. Stimulation is stimulation, Xia Nan's face can not be lost, she is his good girl. But now, both of them did not move, Ye Chu only dared to lick Xia Nan's load with his tongue, Xia Nan was excited by his movements,hot tub wholesale, she did not dare to exert herself, and bit him angrily. Ye Chu was bitten by her and wanted to laugh a little. The flashlight stopped at them for less than five seconds, but it felt as long as a century. The chemistry teacher quickly turned the flashlight in another direction: "If you feel uncomfortable sleeping, you can sleep with your head covered with school uniform like Xia Nan, which may make it easier to fall asleep." Xia Nan and Ye Chu are stacked on the desk with thick books, the chemistry teacher can only vaguely see Xia Nan sleeping on her stomach from that angle, she has always liked Xia Nan's cleverness, did not think much about it, looked at two eyes and went to the direction of the platform. Ye Chu saw that the chemistry teacher had gone, and then he backed out. He licked his lips with nostalgia, still savoring the smell of Xia Nan's milk. He had a smile in his eyes, and there was a thick tease in his tone: "Did you hear that?"? The teacher said to learn from you, or we kiss again? Xia Nan listens to the chemistry teacher to say that the face is burning to ache, Ye Chu at the moment also teases her like this, her face is almost red dripping blood. But I got away with it. As soon as Xia Nan's heart was put back in her throat, all the physiological reactions came back. She feels to want to suffocate, indoor endless pool ,endless pool factory, also do not attend to other, hurriedly way: "Take away school uniform coat quickly … …Ye Chu also agreed, but he said that he would accompany her to celebrate the New Year together, so that she must get the mobile phone,China spa factory, he did not ask for much, and she countdown on the line. Sometimes, Xia Nan felt that Ye Chu had a strong sense of ritual.

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