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Love in a Fallen City

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Dugu Yifang immediately looked at the man who had been thrown to the ground, only to see that the man had been tied up and groaned in pain. He had been stabbed twice in the chest and was stained with blood. However, although he was seriously injured, he still did not die. As soon as the man saw the lonely side, he begged for mercy weakly: "Don't.." Don't kill.. I Solitary party at first sight of this person, but beaming, grinning way: "Don't worry!"! How could I have the heart to kill you! "The Lord of the city will be fine." "Take care of you." 03 012 Chapter 11 Invincible Return "Five nights.." Second sister! Nie. Eldest brother Haoguang Ran faded, giving the dream of a hundred steps back to finally reluctantly come forward again, but twice to the love of the city under the heavy intention, now she has been difficult, can only step by step to hide Shan forward, the corners of the mouth of the blood is still dripping to the ground, she seems to have suffered sub-serious internal injuries. Very not easy to step to the iron gate before, step to the abyss before, dream of a pair of eyes, has been anxious to scan the iron gate, in this moment, she prayed in her heart a thousand times, five nights two sisters, please.. Don't want.. Die. Also Nie Feng. Nie Feng, who made her feel most guilty, only because she cheated him so much. Can Nie Feng and Wu Ye survive such a fierce attack? Even if they can survive, just now their bodies are still in the air, perhaps they have already been attracted to the abyss under the tower, and their bones are not found. But there are always exceptions. Just like the scene in front of the dream, it is also an exception. Nie Feng did not die, five nights did not die, but the current situation of two people is also quite worrying,endless swim pool, not far from death. Their bodies were hanging in the air at the bottom of the tower. Nie Feng clasped his wrists for five nights in one hand, but desperately grabbed one of the sharp corners at the bottom of the tower in the other hand. For the time being, they could barely keep their bodies under the abyss, but anyone could see at a glance that Nie Feng's hands holding the sharp corners at the bottom were trembling, and their lives were at stake. Looking at this situation, Nie Feng should have used his body, which was faster than his voice, to flash to the bottom of the tower with five nights in his hand, and to grasp the sharp corner of the bottom of the tower in one hand. He did this because it was estimated that the intention from the tower would most likely be concentrated on the front of the tower, and even if there was,american hot tub, it would not be the most powerful intention! As Nie Feng expected, from the front of the pagoda, it was the strongest, so the dream outside the iron gate and the intention to meet, hurt on the spot, but Nie Feng guessed the strongest position of the intention, in fact, it was not easy, although he and five nights had been suspended under the pagoda, they still gave some scattered intentions to all sides, their skin and flesh were torn and their clothes were broken. It's just that in terms of the depth of internal injuries, they are not like dreams. Rao is so, Nie Feng and five nights suffered internal injuries, or enough to make them unable to sweep back to the iron gate, Nie Feng is worse, on the one hand, he has to hold five nights hand, on the other hand, he has to hold the sharp corner of the bottom of the tower, endless swimming pool ,outdoor spa manufacturers, with internal injuries, two hands to support his own weight with five nights, and five nights another hand is still holding the blue dragon crescent moon knife, his hand holding the bottom of the tower. Already blue veins burst, five fingers are also burst bleeding! Two people so hanging under the bottom of the tower, five nights looking up at Nie Feng who is holding his own, looking at his face covered with scars, she just suddenly realized, just misunderstood him and himself for love, how shameful it is! In fact, he was eager to save her, so he did not take care of his own safety and swept into the iron gate together, but she also bit the hand that feeds her and split him with a knife. As soon as she read this, Wu Ye felt a little ashamed and uneasy for the first time in her life. She fixed her eyes on Nie Feng and said weakly. "Nie.." Feng, you.. With us.. The people of the matchless city.. Irreconcilable, you.. Why even.. Save. I Nie Fengxi laughed. "Not for.." What, just because... I didn't.. "I won't save you." Reason There is no reason not to save people, so try to save people, God! This is really an excellent reason! Five nights, although suffering from internal injuries, after listening to this "fool" reason can not help but laugh in the heart, she suddenly found that Nie Feng's heart, may be more convincing than his face. At this time, Nie Fengshuang's bitter way: I.. Never.. Blame you.. Use me to draw out.. Love in a beautiful city, on the contrary, I.. Think, you are for your.. Ancestor Warne.. Repay the matchless madam, though. What you don't do.. The world. Understanding, and always. Stick to it Secretly guarding.. Unparalleled. This sentiment, in fact, is more worthwhile. Respect.. Five night way: "But.." Whether we.. Should..? Worthy of respect, people and us.. Always the opposite person, Nie Feng, you do not use the first. Sympathize with me.. If you let go now.. Me, yourself.. Must have the ability to sweep back to the iron gate, Nie Feng, that is, you. I wouldn't do that either. Blame you, on the battlefield, this is.. It should be.. Nie Feng listened, clasped the hands of the five nights even more tightly, saying: Thank you.. You have five nights.. Girl, but.. You Insult. I.. On the fifth night, Yan looked even more ashamed! She thought she had seen through Nie Feng, in fact, she still did not fully see through him, in fact, in this world, so far, who can really see through Nie Feng? And just as they spoke, a voice weaker than theirs suddenly came from the other side of the iron gate: "Second Sister, Nie." Big brother, you two. No more.. Go on. "" "Just let." I For you.. Solve Question "" There was no one else inside or outside the iron gate for the time being, and the one who spoke, of course, was the most seriously wounded dream, and she had already listened to them on the edge of the abyss. Nie Feng and Wu Ye looked out in surprise and stood at ten feet in danger! Outside the dream, although the distance from the iron gate to the giant tower was ten feet away, the two of them could feel at a glance that the dream was so badly injured at the moment that it was very difficult to stand up, and the five nights were even more surprised, because she caught a glimpse of the dream's invincible overlord hand,whirlpool hot tub, which was across her face and chest, which seemed to be a prelude to a vigorous move.. "Third Sister.." You Want to.. What The dream answered faintly: "Two.." Sister, don't.. You don't know.. I want What do you do? 。

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