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What are some of the best home gym equipment options?

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Budget, space, and health goals can all influence the type of home exercise equipment that suits a person best. Luckily, there are many options to choose from.

It is often possible to get a thorough workout at home, and finding new gear can help a person expand their options.

For anyone starting to work out from home, it is always a good idea to check with a healthcare professional about safe types of exercise. Also, a range of online videos and apps can add variety, support progress, a help a person maintain proper form.

In this article, we explore types of home gym equipment for a diverse range of workouts and budgets.


Types of home gym equipment

Some common varieties of home gym equipment include:

  • Balance or stability ball: Also known as a Swiss ball, this is an oversized rubbery ball that can double as a bouncing seat. A person might use it for exercises such as wall lunges or abdominal crunches.

  • Dumbbells: These come in various weights to help with resistance training. Learn more about dumbbells here.

  • Kettlebells: This dumbbell alternative is a weighted ball with a rounded handle. Learn more about kettlebells here.

  • Resistance Bands: These stretchy bands are also an alternative to dumbbells. A person can use them to strengthen the arms and legs.

  • Rowing machine: This large machine helps a person mimic rowing to strengthen multiple muscle groups, including those in the back, legs, and buttocks. Learn more about rowing machines here.

  • Stationary Bike: This provides a low-impact way to strengthen the legs and buttocks and enhance cardiovascular health. Learn more about home exercise bikes here.

  • Treadmill: This helps a person walk, jog, or run at home. Some offer an increased incline to enhance the workout of the legs and buttocks. Learn more about treadmills here.

  • Exercise mat: These are square or rectangular and larger than a typical yoga mat. Learn more about workout mats here.

The options above are just some examples of equipment that can help a person reach and maintain various fitness goals at home.



How to choose

Because there are so many types of equipment available, deciding what to choose may be daunting at first. Below are some tips to help get started:

  • Set a budget: First, figure out how much to spend on home exercise equipment. This can help determine what equipment will offer the best value.

  • Identify a space: The space available for exercise can be a major factor in choosing home gym equipment. A rowing machine, for example, requires a lot of floor space, while some dumbbells can be easy to tuck away.

  • Start with the basics: Most people benefit from having a stable, supportive exercise surface, such as a yoga mat. Some type of resistance training equipment, such as a resistance band or set of dumbbells, is generally also helpful.

  • Health and safety: Health considerations should be the top priority. Check with a doctor for advice and recommendations.

  • Do some research: Customer reviews, product demonstration videos, and the presence of a warranty can make all the difference.

It may help to start with lower-cost items. Later on, with an established routine, a person may have a better idea of what home gym equipment they need.

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