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China LED Pixel Strip Lights suppliers

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LED ChipSMD5050 RGB LED chip
IC Chip WS2811 IC
LED Quantity30LEDs/m
Input VoltageDC5V
IP RateIP20(non-waterproof), IP65(Silicon-tube waterproof) ,ip68
PCB ColorWhite PCB, Black PCB
View Angle120掳
Standard Reel Length5meter/roll, also can be customized
PCB Width10mm
Operating Temperature-20 ~ +40掳C
Storage Temperature-40 ~ +80掳C
Color Addressable full color

1.This addressable led strip consist of 5 meters in a reel,30 pcs RGB led per meter, three leds one group, and each group with a WS2811 IC.
2.Flexible PCB: White color, PCB width 10mm.
3.Waterproof-silicon tube coating: W14*H4mm.
4.DC12 v available,constant voltage operation.
5.Voltage drop from start to end of 5M +/- 2v.
6.3pin JST SM connector(non-waterproof) soldered in each end of strip, Extra 2 single wire for powering in input side.
7.Control: SD controller,DMX decoder,Artnet etc.
8.Customized length available.


路 City skyline lighting villas advertising wall signs Christmas ( , , decorative landscape)
路 Irregular design of body decoration (shopping malls, hotels, nightclubs, polygonal wall KTV
路 Establishments ceiling cavity design)
路 Public lighting lighting (schools, libraries, hospitals, airports, subway stations, railway stations)
路 Furniture dark groove trim (door, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinets, etc.)
路 Automotive beauty (body, underbody, wheelbarrow balanced car, etc.)
路 Please read the specifications and precautions carefully before installation
路 Please do not use nails or sharp instruments to intall led strip on the object, use double-sided tape or glue or wall mounted on plywood
路 Fixed led strip, you can not use acidic glue, it is recommended to use a neutral glue.
路 This product is a constant voltage DC12V, make sure Power is right before installation, after installation, check the wiring is correct or not , so that avoid the product been burned
路 This product is recommended use in parallel. when the length is more than five meters, the tail so be power to ensure the brightness is enough or uneven
China LED Pixel Strip Lights suppliers


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