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The Advantages Of Guanfeng Pre Processing Equipment

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     Guanfeng mechanical Pre Processing Equipment is to simulate the principle of manual vegetable cutting, adapting to the needs of 1-25mm shredding. The "centrifugal slicing mechanism" completes various hard vegetable slices, and is automatically transported to the vertical knife for shredding or dicing. It is widely used in the processing of hard, soft, leafy vegetables and kelp. It can cut a variety of patterns such as slices, blocks, silk, dices, diamonds and curved shapes.

Features of Vegetable Processing Machine
      It is based on the deficiencies of many imported machines in domestic field use, and it has been repeatedly improved in design and manufacture. Adopt stainless steel and full rolling bearing structure, with beautiful appearance, mature and reliable, easy to use and maintain.
      Suitable for dehydration, quick-freezing, preservation, pickling and other food industries, vegetable processing industry, catering industry, all kinds of vegetable processing, such as green onions (scallions), leeks, leeks, celery, coriander, jar beans, sword beans cut into sections; sweet Blue (cabbage), green stalk, spinach cut; yam, bamboo shoots, burdock slices; green and red peppers, onions cut rings; carrot slices, shreds; aloe diced, strips, etc.

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