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Fiberglass Products manufacturers

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Company Overview
Zigong Hualong Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1996, and is located in High-tech Zone of Zigong City which is named the Dinosaur City. Factory covers an area of 30000sqm. The number of employees is more than 200 People. Hualong has wide range of high quality products (CE &ISO 9001:2008&TUV, SGS ), including animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur costume, dinosaur rides, animatronic animals, animatronic insects, dinosaur fossil Skeleton, Chinese Lantern, miniature landscape, amusement park items, customized products.
Hualong 鈥榮 employees have the highest sense of team work. We鈥檙e equipped with the newest and finest equipment. Our employees are highly skilled and dedicated, and are well trained and substantially experienced in what they do. Hualong has strong R&D capabilities. Our R&D teams are highly motivated and proactive. Their performances are second to none in terms of speed and quality of work.
The simulation products are applicable to museums, theme parks, geoparks, tourist attractions, shopping malls etc., we have exported to the United States, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Poland, Czech, Croatia, Dubai, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, France, Canada and other over 70 countries, the export business accounted with rate of 80% in the entire business of our company. At the same time we also have a well-selling products in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Taiwan and other cities and regions of China.
Using Modern idea, newfangled design, consummate production, circumspect service, perfect quality and scientific managing which afford perfect and beautiful product to domestic and aboard clients. Sincerely welcome to our factory.
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Our AdvantagesFiberglass Products manufacturers


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