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Hanging Automatic Fire Extinguisher for sale

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ACFP(An-Chor Fire Protection(Shanghai) Ltd.) established in Shanghai since 2001 by it's parent company CDFP. CDFP (Cheng-Deh Fire Protection Industrial Corp.) established since 1962 in Taiwan which is the leading company in fire fighting industry in Taiwan region.
We believed and insist in Quality, Technology, Credit and Service.
In the past five years, ACFP has continuously devoted itself to the research and development of environmentally friendly, non-toxic and fluorine free waterbase extinguishing agents. Through continuous experiments, it has successfully developed the third generation of highly effective, rapid cooling and flame retardancy of waterbase fire extinguishing agents . It has obtained relevant certification from Germany, EU and China.
We have only one earth.
Together, Lets leave an Eco-living environment for our future generation.Hanging Automatic Fire Extinguisher for sale


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