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IGV Ways to Make Gold in World of Warcraft Shadowlands 2023

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It’s no secret that World of Warcraft has always been a game all about farming gold. Whether you’re a new player starting out in Shadowlands or an experienced veteran gearing up for another raid tier, making gold is essential to success. This blog post will look at tips and tricks for making more gold in the new expansion.

How to Make Gold in WoW with World Quests & Reputation Farming

Another straightforward method on how to make gold in World of Warcraft is simply doing world quests in Shadowlands. Obviously, the ones that reward gold would be your main focus, averaging around 250–320 gold per quest. If you have War Mode on you, you earn an extra 10% (15% if you’re Alliance, due to faction imbalance) gold bonus from those world quests.

However, there is considerable value in knocking out any world quest that you can do, solely for the reputation gains.

Paragon Chests

Once you hit Exalted with any of the major reputation factions in Shadowlands, you can earn a Paragon Chest as a bonus reward once you gain another 10,000 Reputation with them. These chests contain large chunks of gold, the occasional mount for collection purposes, and pets that you can sell on the auction house.

Paragon Chests from Shadowlands reputations each offer around 3–4K gold and a chance at a unique pet that typically sells for a couple thousand gold on the auction house at the moment. The value of the pets is expected to drop as more and more people reach the reputation threshold, but they are still currently worth a fair bit of gold.

Naturally, you might be thinking that it’s an insane amount of rep grinding for such a payoff. The time spent traveling and killing everything could be put to better use grinding gold a different way. You’d be right to think so — for now, at least.

Once Patch 9.1 introduces flying, the travel time between quests will shrink exponentially. Furthermore, the patch will introduce a higher baseline gear level (which will reduce the amount of time needed to finish old world quests) and maw assaults (which are slated to give large chunks of reputation with the covenants).

In other words, as the expansion goes on, rep farming becomes a lot quicker and more lucrative, particularly during reputation bonus events. If Blizzard reintroduces the double reputation gain during an anniversary event, you can expect this strategy to become exceedingly profitable. Even better, event bonuses like the Darkmoon Faire buff or various holiday events stack.

As a final note, we don’t recommend using a reputation contract (which grants extra rep for finishing a world quest) at the moment. Unless you’re hardcore grinding out every world quest available on a single toon, it’s just not worth the travel time and prohibitive costs of obtaining one.

Use Legion’s Rare Pets Farming Method

Another swift and pleasingly convenient track to obtain the gold you require on Legion is to employ a unique variety of unexplored pets. Particular pets are better worthwhile than others, whereas if you’re lucky and have an apathetic server, you may smoothly earn 4K gold within minutes.

Harvester Shoulder Enchant helps you Earn Gold

These Harvester shoulder enchants, obtainable from Sylvia Hartshorn, the Dreamweaver Emissary in Val’sharah, are one of the numerous superficial approaches to cultivating a quantity of tangible gold output.

It’s anointed Boon of the Harvester and merely costs 100g. Before buying it, you must be honoured by Dreamweavers, which is straightforward to do with missions and worldwide explorations every day.

Learn this guide, we believe you can outshine many World of Warcraft gold farming guides and will help you get more gold than you have ever thought of making. But, of course, making plenty of gold requires dedication and hard work, so ensure you are prepared. You also can buy wow gold from us or WOW Classic Gold for Sale at our site to save more time to enjoy the game.

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