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100 dynamic diagrams of mechanical principles, collected for future use! _ Agency

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Original title: 100 dynamic diagrams of mechanical principles, for collection and use! Principle of bearing friction Robotic arm Turbo gearbox Differential Expand the full text Ball tooth machine mechanism Take an old picture of mechanical preface, gear, beam plate, cam, slide rail.. Seemingly simple parts, skillfully combined by talented engineers,bra measuring tape, can accurately complete all kinds of complex work. The mechanical dynamic picture clearly expresses the mechanical action, principle and production process in a short animation way, which is fascinating. It can be called the most beautiful picture in the mechanical industry. Those who like robots often like it very much after seeing it! Radial engine of an aircraft Four-stroke engine Helicopt with single crankshaft and opposed piston engine Twin in-line eight-cylinder steam engine Cam Guide Mechanism Stirling engine Horizontally opposed engine Sewing machine Manipulator Slider mechanism Fixture Aircraft engine Crusher Cam type intermittent motion mechanism Belt drive Gear drive You like it? Xiaobian wants to hear your voice. Finally,printed tape measure, a Gif that can be seen for minutes. More than 100 years ago, the automatic timing mechanism of the ancient self-ringing clock Don't underestimate the ball pen, the mechanical structure is absolutely not simple. Heart breaking to see this gear mechanism. Looking and pondering carefully, I found the mystery of this seemingly simple mechanism. Cam or gear? Can you tell the difference? Fully automatic small submachine gun loading, firing, retractable tape measure sewing ,seamstress measuring tape, ejection mechanism, look at three minutes, to have a complete and continuous impression Is there any reference for the special reduction transmission mechanism? Middle School Students Build an Automated World with Lego Bricks Periodic sliding rail shifting fork mechanism, ingenious and commonly used mechanical structure This is how tiny metal chains are formed at high speed. The clearest and most complete loading, firing and ejection mechanism for automatic firearms (machine guns) Torsion spring swing mechanism, which is familiar and unfamiliar to engineers Continuous swinging and sliding mechanism This must be a manipulator made in Baoding, China. Baoding only plays with iron balls. It is not a legend that Lu Ban made his own flying birds and rode around Kyushu. Can you imagine the three-dimensional meshing and operation of the maddening special-shaped gear mechanism? Apart from showing off, this gear mechanism is really useless. The rotary engine invented by German Figas Wankel at the beginning of the last century Count how many cylinders and how many valves the engine is. The mechanical engineer gave his wife a ring, which could be turned a few times to calm down every time he quarreled furiously, and the result was.. It's even crazier Magnetic ooze engulfs small iron balls, as long as fine iron oxide powder is added to the ooze, it can be made into such a magical magnetic ooze with its own engulfing function. It's so quick that it hurts to look at my hand. So this is the ice cream cone. The unlocking process is like this. Locomotive principle Elevator door (originally the elevator door is opened and closed like this) The automatic production of rows of bullets. The processing of red glass bottles This is how the spiral macaroni is made. Clothes hanger one-step forming A Picture to Understand the Structure of an Electric Fan The magic of blending two liquids Amazing furniture Wood mimics water waves Working principle of radial engine The radial engine of an aircraft Sewing machine Naval Gun Ammunition Loading System Automobile constant velocity universal joint V-type engine-where the cylinders are arranged in two planes at an angle, the V6 engine In-line engine-its cylinders are arranged side by side in a row, L4 engine, which is used in ordinary cars. Horizontally opposed engine-The cylinders are arranged in opposite planes of the engine. The Porsche 911 has six cylinders of this type Maltese cross movement-used to control the movement of the second hand of the clock Stirling engine Principle of making iron chain How zippers work Pipe-free siphon principle Are you sure to enter the village quietly? It's a big brain hole. After the marriage of a lighter and a match. The hand confirmed that it would keep moving, and the thumb expressed dissatisfaction. Give you a mechanical drawing, how much do you know? My platform is committed to good article push, platform pictures and videos are from the network, does not represent the views of the platform and is not responsible for its authenticity,mini tape measure, for reference only. Thanks to the original creator, the copyright belongs to the original author. If infringement, please delete the platform message. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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