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Beg the devil

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Finally, it's time to pay off the debt. From today on, many good friends have given me advertisements. Although they didn't ask me to pay off the debt, they have been worried recently. The favor is not good. In addition, they are so kind, and they are still a good person. First of all, it was an old bird named White Bird. When he opened a new book, he wanted to be the first to give an advertisement. The advertisements of these days, in no particular order, were all good books. He paid off three debts every day. The first one, the new book of the white crane in the sky, the creation of God, the book number is to encourage, saying that this creation of God, I play into the kitchen God every time … The second book was written by a guy named Fat Cat. The title of the book was General Night, and the book number was Basic Sutra Blade. This guy has a tendency to push, ears have been forced to kiss, there are still nightmares with a wake-up, fear unceasingly, we pay attention to pay attention again. The third book, is Dongge's cover, the book number gap, Dongge is a kind man, every time he goes to Beijing, he invites guests and sings, good man, these months will find opportunities to go. (To be continued) [Www. 13800100. Com Text First Issue 138 Reading Network] The first volume of life is just like the first sight of the second volume of wind and cold weather Chapter 118 Hanshan City "Fangmu said, that's right." Like Wu Sen,86 smart board, the Yongming of the Puqiang tribe practiced with the spirit of death, but it seemed that it was obviously not comparable to Wu Sen. [Www. 13800100. Com Text First 138 Reading Network] "Su Ming murmured for a long time before he took back his eyes to the mountain peak, looked at the Hanshan City in the distance, got up and took the next step, along the mountain road, toward the Hanshan City in the evening." If I really refine the spirit powder, from then on, I will also be in line with what others say about the identity of evil barbarians.. Dusk, Su Ming's figure was pulled out of a long shadow, that figure has a lonely Si Shi, there is also a firm and persistent. The evening sun,interactive boards for classrooms, with its lingering warmth, shone on the mountains, and Su Ming, facing the setting sun, went to the strange city of Handan. [Search for the latest updates in www. 13800100. Com text first this city is already magnificent from a distance, now with the approaching of Su Ming, the city looks even more majestic amazing, with mountains as the city, melting the high mountains into pressure, forming a strong sense of oppression, can let all the people near this city, at the foot of the mountain clearly feel. Coupled with the city around the three groups of fog, but also played a deterrent effect, so that even if their own repair for the extraordinary generation, come here, also can not help but be cautious. Su Ming looked at the Hanshan City, took a deep breath, looked calm, and walked up the mountain road step by step. At the foot of the Hanshan City, touch screen board classroom ,classroom interactive whiteboard, there were eight broad steps, soaring up, connecting with the eight gates of the city that began to appear halfway up the mountain. If you want to enter the city, you must follow the mountain steps. Of these eight gates, only four are open to the public. The remaining four are used by the three tribes that control the city. The remaining one is called the Hakka Road. The mountain steps and the gate are the strong Hakkas of these three tribes who can walk. The ranks seem to be strict, so as to set off the strength of these three tribes and the absorption of the strong Hakka people. When Su Ming first came here, he walked slowly along the mountain steps leading to the gate of the search belt. The steps were unguarded all the way until Su Ming walked halfway up the mountain and saw one of the eight gates of Hanshan City. The gate is arched, and there are two big stone statues about ten Zhangs high standing next to it. The two stone statues belong to the barbarians, and they seem to be fighting. Although they are still there, there is a sense of killing. This door is framed by the arms of these two stone statues, forming the shape of the door. At that height, on the door frame formed by the two statues, there was now a Kennian in a gray robe, lying there reclining, with one leg pulled down and swaying at will. The young man wore a token on his waist, with a touch of red on the blue background. He closed his eyes, as if he were sleeping. There was a blue gourd at hand, and the smell of wine spread out, as if the wind could not blow it away. Looking at the gate, Su Ming had a flash of light in his eyes. This was the most spectacular city he had ever seen in his life. He deeply remembered the appearance of the gate. Su Ming took a step and stepped directly through the gate. At the moment he entered the Hanshan City, a lazy voice came leisurely. Does your excellency know the rules? The speaker, it is the young man, this person opened his eyes, took the side of the blue gourd to drink, like drunk eyes hazy glanced at Su Ming, Su Ming's clothes, so that his eyes slightly sober. Su Ming looked calm, and when the man spoke, he raised his right hand and under a bullet, a white stone coin flew out and went straight to the young man, who grabbed it. From Fangmu, Su Ming has long learned that anyone can enter the city of Hanshan, as long as they pay a certain amount of stone coins, and according to the time of stay, stone coins will be collected more and more. After the young man put away the stone coin, he threw out a gray token and leaned there again, drinking the wine in the gourd and sleeping. After receiving the token, Su Ming put it on his waist. The color of the card is different. Black, red and white can not be used except for the three tribes. The strong Hakkas have a blue background and add one color according to their different tribes. As for ordinary people in and out of the city, it is gray, according to the luster on it, if dim, it means that it can not stay in the city, unless you spend stone coins to increase the time, otherwise, once found by the city's guards, it will be severely punished. And enter the city, mostly token need to be in the waist and other conspicuous places. Su Ming has always been silent, Gui that gray token, after passing through the door, into the city of Hanshan, a noisy sound blow on the face, and the silence outside the door seems to be divided into two different worlds, which makes Su Ming slightly surprised. Hanshan City has a large number of pedestrians, in this city built around the peaks, there are many shops, a prosperous scene, those houses are also built on rocks, the city simply can not be compared with it. Walking in the city of Hanshan, Su Ming looked around, where almost all the scenery, let him have a strange feeling,interactive digital whiteboard, that bustling, that noisy, seems to be incompatible with his silence.

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