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Jun Jiuling Jun Jiuling

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Speaking of misfortune, Lord Lin's eyes turned red again. His daughter, so destroyed, since you already know that Jin son wants to harm you, you avoid it, why instead want to harm Jin son. Fang Junshi, it's abominable for you to act like this! He snapped. Miss Jun had been listening to him quietly and smiled when she heard this. Is Lord Lin going to be trapped? She said. Thank you for your vote. I hope you will have a good time. I don't want to write a biography. I just want to make you laugh. Life is so hard. Everyone is simpler. (To be continued.) Chapter 105 can I threaten you? Structural trap? "Lord Lin had a gentle smile on his face, but his eyes were ferocious." This said, is innocent, is framed, is wrong, is guilty, or to the government to judge after the discussion. He said slowly. He has been an official for ten years, and his family has been entrenched in Yangcheng for generations. Which of the cases he handles is not decided by him? Talk to him about justice. If you really want to talk about justice and God, he is God in Yangcheng County. You are a little girl, even if you have a father who is loyal to the country and can protect you from death, but he doesn't want her to die,5 person hot tub, and what she committed is not a capital crime, but an immoral act. For a woman, it is often immoral to kill them and make her life worse than death. Miss Jun, you know you're wrong about this. It's useless to beg me. You'd better find a way to make the Fangs forgive you. Lord Lin said word by word, "because this is not just a matter of your family and mine, but also the Ning family and the Jinyun Tower. I'm afraid I can't give them an explanation." Then he stepped out, determined to ignore the girl's cries of anger or her cries of fear. But there was still no crying behind him. Lord Lin,whirlpool hot tub, you'd better think about it again. Said Miss Jun. Lord Lin sneered in his heart. He really didn't know when he was going to die. He also asked others to think about it. Why didn't she think about it herself? She was really a straw bag. The world is not just a Yamen in Yangcheng County. Miss Jun continued. Lord Lin stopped, and the bitch had no other tricks but to threaten to sue. Oh He turned to look. "You mean you're going to sue?"? Where are you going to sue? In the state? My classmate is now working in the government office of Zezhou, specializing in punishment. My cousin is working as a petty official in the government office, specializing in notices. If you don't know the way, I'll introduce you. "I don't know anyone from Zezhou." Said Miss Jun. Who do you know? You are a bumpkin from Funing in the north. "Lord Lin scolded in his heart." Zezhou is too small. Miss Jun went on to say, "I only know that Ma Shengzhi, the prefect of Taiyuan, was a Jinshi in the first year of Shengsheng.". Right remonstrance doctor. Lord Ma? Lord Lin was stupefied. Of course, he knew that Lord Ma had been given the imperial sword by the emperor to serve as Taiyuan Mansion. He was allowed to act cheaply. It's not someone you can mess with. Of course, Lord Ma is known to everyone. He groaned. "It's no wonder you know him." The point is that people don't recognize you. An imperial censor, who knows you? If you want to go there to complain, you can't see Lord Ma. It's possible to beat you on the spot. Relying on your father's reputation, hot tub manufacturers ,whirlpool hot tub spa, you can't do whatever you want. That's childish. Lord Lin was too lazy to take a few more steps to go out. He pressed his hand on the door and was about to pull it open when Miss Jun's slow voice came again behind him. In the second year of Taikang, the money and grain depot in Zezhou caught fire and burned down the account books. Are they in your hands? Lord Lin suddenly felt a chill on his back, and his three souls and six souls went out of his body. Is this account book sent to you by your cousin? "So that petty official surnamed Wu is your cousin." Said Miss Jun, in the same voice as before. But Lord Lin felt that the sound was like thunder. This is impossible! How does she know? That's why God has justice. Miss Jun sighed. After getting married, although she was a princess who could not go out of the door, the person she married was the biggest leader of the Royal Guards. And he did not shy away from her at all, holding the private affairs of officials from all over the country just to make her laugh. She doesn't really care what these officials have done. It just happens that her memory is better than others. In order to make her quit studying medicine, master made it difficult for her to recite many oral medical books. Because they were oral, she had to remember them. Now it seems that those originally useless things have become her help, this is not justice is what? "You see, this is justice." Miss Jun said, looking at the back of Lord Lin, "Justice is when you threaten me.". I can also threaten you. Justice. Even when you threaten me, I can threaten you. Lord Lin's body trembled slightly, and a thick layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. How does she know? How can you possibly know? This matter is extremely confidential. It's not the official secret of the rotten street. The reason why Ma Shengzhi came to Taiyuan House was that his predecessor Deng Ziqiao failed to keep the pass, and Taiyuan Jinglue appealed to Deng Ziqiao that the hay was not available, and all the States had to check, but the hay depot in Zezhou was burned, and the account books were gone. Missing a volume, it seems insignificant, but the entire Shanxi account is no problem, and ultimately did not find out what, Deng Ziqiao transferred from Taiyuan House, this matter is the end. The girl's soft voice continued to come from behind. Although this account book doesn't matter, I think Lord Ma wants to have a look when he hears it. "Lord Lin, you are not the only official in Yangcheng. You say I hurt people. If I refuse to accept it, I have to complain about it. Since it's a complaint, all these things have to be checked again, right?" "You have the final say on your territory, and you have the final say on human evidence and material evidence, but if someone else comes to investigate, human evidence and material evidence may not be as you wish." "As I've told you, there are a lot of loopholes in this matter. If you don't check it out, I'm afraid Miss Lin and Lord Lin won't look good." "I said that knowing mistakes can be corrected, the son is not the godfather's fault, after all, Miss Lin is still young, and this matter is not known to Lord Lin, so I want to talk to Lord Lin alone, Lord Lin can discipline children,jacuzzi bath spa, so let Lord Lin think about how to deal with this matter, but now it seems that Lord Lin has already thought about it.." Hearing this, Lord Lin suddenly turned around.

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