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Igvault Valorant Ranks Guide : Ranking System Explained

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If you're new to Valorant, you may be thinking about diving straight into ranked games. Unfortunately, that's not possible. To unlock ranked play in Valorant, all players must go through a simple process to help Riot accumulate an MMR starting place and place you in suitable games. Check out our comprehensive guide on how the Valorant ranking system works and how you can use it to your advantage.

How to improve rank in ValorantValorant has a total of eight tiers in their ranking system.









Iron is the lowest rank in Valorant while the best in the game belongs to the Radiant. However, all the players dream of making it to the regional leaderboards by reaching the Immortal rank.

All the ranks before Immortal are divided into three parts. Players need to climb through each rank to get to the leaderboards. However, the players' rank is determined by their performance in the game. If a player ends up on the winning side they get to see their rank-rating increase.

Players can play a match while queing with their friends or they can go ahead with a solo-queue. The rank-rating after a match is completely dependent on the final result and the player's individual performances. Moreover, Valorant has introduced a hidden MMR which is dependent on the player's past performances. The rank-rating also depends on the player's hidden MMR. If the player's hidden MMR is more than the actual rank then they get a huge boost in the rank-rating. However, the opposite can also happen if the hidden MMR is less than the actual rank.

Matchmaking Rating (MMR)

Valorant tracks a gamer’s individual performance using the MMR system. This is separate from your squad and takes into Valorant Accounts things like your Deaths, Kills, and successful plants, among other things. It’s essentially a score for overall performance.

Your games will be filled with gamers with comparable MMR scores, even if the value itself is concealed. Your MMR will rise as a result of stable solid performances and victories, and your lobby will have quality players.

Rank Rating (RR)

The viewable aspect of ranked evolution that gamers may see is Ranked Rating. Gamers are rewarded with RR points depending on their effectiveness whether they win or lose games. When a gamer’s MMR exceeds their Rank, they will acquire more RR for victories than they lose for failures, putting them in a relatively safe position for improving the ranks.

The scheme is intended to place gamers in a state known as “Convergence,” in which their MMR and rank ring true in connection to one another. Convergence essentially means that for Ws or Ls, gamers will increase or decrease the RR.

Valorant’s standings do not degrade over time. However, lengthy gaps between games can lead to placement matches, affecting MMR and RR. Between every act, rank is rebooted, requiring a placement game to reclaim rank. The valued rank is determined by the prior rank they held as well as their effectiveness during the placement game.

How to Climb in Valorant

Climbing the Valorant ranking system is easier if you focus more on improving your skills. You cannot control how your teammates play, so just try to play your best every time. The ranking system values the fact that you win as well as how you do it.

If you are a consistent Match MVP or have a good combat score, you will easily advance in the ranking system. Getting good performances also means losing less RR during defeats and earning more for wins. That way, as long as you win at least half of your matches, you will still earn net RR.You should learn a few agents that you can play well and consistently. It’s easier to climb the Valorant ranking system when you’ve mastered your main agent.

Now you know how the Valorant ranking system works and what affects your rank. Visit to Buy Ranked Valorant Accounts to enjoy the game. Good luck and see you on the leaderboards!

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