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Hydraulic Gear Pump manufacturers

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Product Name: Gear pump components
Product Model: CBF Series forklift pump
Feature: CBF Series forklift pump has high strength aluminum alloy body. Shaft end is 13 tooth SAE spline of gear pump, Automatic axial clearance compensation for excellent volumetric efficiency.
Advantage: CBF Series forklift pump excellent volumetric efficiency of forklift gear pump.  
Application:CBF Series forklift pump is applied for 4-10T hydraulic forklift truck
Hefei Liwei Automobile Oil Pump Co., Ltd. was founded in 1956. We have 60 years experience in hydraulic industry. Our company is located in Hefei Luyang Industry Zone, floor space is 48000 m2, workshop area is 30000 m2, 228 staffs, with production capacity is 450000 set hydraulic pumps and valves. We have professional technology R&D team lead by state level experts. Our company is High and Innovation Enterprise.
Manufacturing Capability
Total numbers of manufacturing equipment are over 200sets. The plant area is 48000 m2. The annually output is 450000 sets pumps and valves.
The equipment includes 55sets machine centers, cam-profile grinding machine from EMAG Germany, parallel surface lapping machine form Korea AM Technology Co., Ltd and other 32sets NC machines, pump and valve assembling lines 4sets, heat treatment oven 5sets, aluminum cast oven 2sets etc.  
Detection Capability
Precision measuring equipment includes: Hexagon CMM, Gear shape inspection equipment, Length measuring instrument, universal tool microscope, hardness tester, spring tester, material testing machine, gear run-out measuring instrument, projector apparatus, magnetic detector, metallographic microscope etc.  24set pump and valve testers.
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 Hydraulic Gear Pump manufacturers
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