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China Air chamber bag suppliers

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Inflatable air column cushion protective roll material packaging
This air bubble cushion wrap in column bag inflatable rolls bag packaging material is best choice for packing fragile goods .
Product description :
Height :500px~3000px
Each chamber : 50px ,75px , 100px , 150px
Material thickness : 60 micron~120 micron
How to use :1. Cut the length needed 2. Inflate it by pump 3. Packing the goods carefully
MOQ : one roll , 250 M .
Characteristics :
1. Durable
2. Smooth-finish
3. High tearing strength
4. Use any size at your end
5. Cushion airbag
6. No damage change when ship goods
7. Less weight
Notes :
1. When open the cartons, be careful and avoid scraping the air bags.
2. Make sure the air pressure is regulated properly.
3. While packaging, pay attention to objects with sharp ends, such as knives, nail clippers, etc.
4. The noise of air pump should be controlled within the required level.
5. The workshop should be clean and tidy. Operator should not keep long nails or wear jewelries.
6. For consistent inflation on the production line, whether the air source is sufficient and whether the air pump meets requirements should be taken into consideration.China Air chamber bag suppliers


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