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Polycarbonate Profile price

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Polycarbonate U Profiles are made of Bayer Makrolon resin. They can not only make the installation fast and convenient, but also can effectively prevent the sheets broken when making holes in the sheet. In addition, using the Polycarbonate U Profile can make waterproof simpler.
Product Features:
1. Light weight
2. Keep consistent with the PC sheet in physical performance
3. Good waterproof performance
4. Good weather resistance and UV protection
5. Simply installed
6. Certified by ISO9001:2000
7. 10-year guarantee
Typical Applications:

Company Information:
We own 8 world class Co-extrusion lines, of which 2 are for multiwall sheets, 3 for solid sheets, 1 for standing-seam system and 2 for accessories. We also have post-process workshops for cutting, engraving, polishing, printing and thermoforming. Relying on our superior innovation capability and hardware platform, Innovo has become a leading manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets in China. Our products are widely used in segments of agriculture, construction, architecture, advertisements, DIY, fabrication and etc. Polycarbonate Profile price


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