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Single Phase To 3phase Ac Drive Inverter suppliers

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Our History
Anyhertz, whose predecessor is Shenzhen Firstech Co.,Ltd., was established in 2005, is committed to be the globally leading and respected provider for products and services of industrial automation. It has always been dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and marketing of AC drive products. In the year of 2011, a team of influential experts in the industry joined in the company. And the company entered into a new period of rapid development with its new name, Anyhertz Drive (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd
Anyhertz is located in the heart of Shenzhen, occupying an area of 5000 square meters. Currently, the company have more than one hundred staff, including 50 professional technical persons and most of them came from well-known enterprises in the industry.

Our Factory
Anyhertz is   located in the heart of Shenzhen, occupying an area of 5000 square meters. Currently, the company have more than one hundred staff, including 50 professional technical persons and most of them came from well-known enterprises in the industry.
So far, Anyhertz products include VF control inverter (FST-650 ), sensor-less vector control   inverter(FST-610), closed loop flux vector inverters (FST-800), and economic and compact inverter (FST-500), medium voltage inverters (FST-700,660V-690V), and four-quadrant reversible inverter(FST-900), which are widely applied to textile, printing, plastics, pharmacy, cable, crane, extruder, refrigerator, ball mill, water supply, civil engineering, mining, petrochemical and HVAC etc. By virtue of the most advanced designing concept and technology Anyhertz has constantly perfected the performance of the products. Meanwhile, we are strictly operating in accordance with ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System. All of products have won CCC and CE approval.
Having a fully developed marketing network at home, we have branch offices in Southern China, Eastern China, Northern China, North-East China and South- West china to provide sound sales and after-sales service. Furthermore, via trading company, our products have been shipping to overseas in over 10 countries and regions, such as Russia, Pakistan, India and south-east Asia, et. In January of 2012, we have launched Overseas Sales Department and started the marketing directly in oversea market.

Our Product

FST-630 Series Mini Vector Control inverter
FST-610 Series General Purpose Vector Control Inverter
FST-650 Series General-purpose Open Loop Vector Inverter
FST-800 Series Close Loop Vector Inverters

Product Application
Converyor, Pump, Fan Machine tools, Textile machinery, Packaging machinery, Food Processing machinery, Rubber  Plastic Machinery, HVAC, Lift/Elevator, Mining machine,

Our Certificate
CE standard ,ISO9001,

Production Equipment
Automatic testing equipment, Assembly Line

Our service
Vision: to provide the industry's best service
Location: Based on the market - the spreader of technology value [maximize the company's products or systems application technology and performance, corresponding to the actual usage needs of customers]
Based on the company - the propeller of product improvement [ feedback the product market performance information to the company's technical resources sector, to promote the improvement of product quality and design quality, improving customers' product satisfaction]
Object: to provide customers with convenient, valued, secure, professional, considerate and trustworthy service
After service:
24-hour hotline opened, fax, email, QQ, network phone and other channels to accept customer issues, first staff responsible for complain following
respond to customers within 1 hour , offer problem-solving solutions and plans in customers'presence;
Outlets and warranty center all over the domestic provinces and cities, quickly reach the customer site within 24 hours, fast service security;
1, quickly solve on-site problems, professional customer response, rigorous processing procedure;
2, train customers with product maintenance, maintenance and operationa knowledge;

visit customers within 72 hours, caring customers' experience, ensure the normal usage of products;
issue professional analysis report of products issues, prevent the scene hidden dangers, and provide security services;

Our teamSingle Phase To 3phase Ac Drive Inverter suppliers


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